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Editorial Calendar 2018

July 2009

Integrated Care

  • Expanded Uses of High-Dose IVIG
  • Older Adults with HIV: An Overlooked Population?
  • Disease Diagnosis: When Doctors Disagree
  • Update: Diabetes
  • Myths and Facts: Cataracts
  • Patient/Physician Profile: HIV in Older Adults
  • Industry Insight: New Options for Hereditary Angioedema

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Ad Materials Deadline: Dec 5

April 2010


  • Physician and Nurse Burnout: A Growing Crisis
  • The Changing Landscape of Physician-Assisted Dying
  • Are Drugs Really Overpriced?
  • Healthcare Data: Ensuring Regulatory Compliance
  • Update: Hepatitis E
  • Myths and Facts: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Industry Insight: Gene Therapy for Hemophilia

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Ad Materials Deadline: Mar 14

July 2009


  • New Vaccines in the Pipeline
  • Consequences of Declining Childhood Vaccination
  • Saving Lives Through On-Demand Drug Treatment
  • Integrating Behavioral Health with Primary Medical Care
  • Update: Cancer Metastasis
  • Myths and Facts: Heart Disease
  • Patient/Physician Profile: Hemophilia
  • Industry Insight: Plasma Fractionation: Expanding with Global IG Demand

Ad Reservation Deadline: Apr 17
Ad Materials Deadline: May 15

October 2009


  • Biosimilars: From Concept to Reality
  • Growing Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
  • The Future of Cord Blood Use
  • Medical Marijuana: An Opioid Replacement
  • Update: Migraine Treatment
  • Myths and Facts: Chronic Inflammation
  • Patient/Physician Profile: Medical Marijuana
  • Industry Insight: Home Infusion with SCIG for CIDP

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Ad Materials Deadline: Sep 14

In Every Issue!
  • Washington Report
    Healthcare legislation and policy updates
  • Reimbursement FAQs
    Common health reimbursement rules and updates
  • Patient and Physician Profiles
    Real-life experiences
  • Industry Insight
    The future of biopharmaceutical products and practices
  • BioResources
    Cutting-edge research,
    updates and informative
  • BioDashboard
    Product availability and
    reimbursement rates
  • Product Catalog
    Directory of plasma products, vaccines and other specialty pharmaceuticals expertly managed through FFF Enterprises' secure distribution channel


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