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Editorial Calendar 2019

Winter 2019

Theme: Critical Care

  • Plasma-Derived Apolipoprotein A-I: Potential Protection Against Severe Heart Attack Sequelae
  • The Many Faces of Parvovirus B19: IVIG to the Rescue?
  • Combating the Growing Shortage of Primary and Specialty Care Physicians in the U.S.
  • The Growing Threat of Antibiotic-Resistant Illnesses
  • Myths and Facts: Autoimmune Disorders
  • Patient/Physician Profile: Neuropathy Treated with IG
  • Industry Insight: Supplemental Albumin for Decompensated Cirrhosis: A Simple, Safe Treatment That Saves Lives

Ad Reservation Deadline: Oct 15
Ad Materials Deadline: Nov 21

Spring 2019

Theme: Safety

  • The Suicide Epidemic: Exploring the Issues
  • Addressing Workplace Violence in Healthcare Facilities
  • Health Citizenship: A New Social Contract to Improve the Clinical Trials Process
  • The Many Faces of EBV Infection
  • Update: ADHD in Reproductive-Age Women
  • Myths and Facts: Heart Disease in Women
  • Patient/Physician Profile: Breast Cancer in Men
  • Industry Insight: Agents that Block Serum IgG Recycling: The Next Big Thing to Treat
  • IgG-Mediated Autoimmune Diseases?

Ad Reservation Deadline: Feb 14
Ad Materials Deadline: Mar 14

Summer 2019

Theme: Vaccines

  • Updates to the Adolescent Vaccine Series
  • Reducing the Health Risks for Seniors with Vaccines
  • Disaster Preparedness for Physicians
  • The Growing Need for Supportive Care in Oncology
  • Update: Conventional vs. DNA Vaccines
  • Myths and Facts: Shingles
  • Patient/Physician Profile: Measles

Ad Reservation Deadline: Apr 17
Ad Materials Deadline: May 16

Fall 2019

Theme: Innovation

  • Combating Opioid Addiction in Newborns
  • The Future of Medicine with Artificial Intelligence
  • Preventing Alzheimer's: A Potential Vaccine?
  • Nutrigenomics: How Genes and Nutrition Interact
  • Update: Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • Myths and Facts: Chronic Inflammation
  • Patient/Physician Profile: Prostheses

Ad Reservation Deadline: Aug 16
Ad Materials Deadline: Sep 16

In Every Issue!
  • Washington Report
    Healthcare legislation and policy updates
  • Reimbursement FAQs
    Common health reimbursement rules and updates
  • Healthcare Management
    Privacy, records management, IT infrastructure, social media and finance issues
  • Patient and Physician Profiles
    Real-life experiences
  • Industry Insight
    The future of biopharmaceutical products and practices
  • BioResources
    Cutting-edge research,
    updates and informative
  • BioDashboard
    Product availability and
    reimbursement rates
  • Product Catalog
    Directory of plasma products, vaccines and other specialty pharmaceuticals expertly managed through FFF Enterprises' secure distribution channel


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