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Editorial Calendar 2021

Winter 2019

Theme: Critical Care

  • Plasma Therapies: Effective COVID-19 Treatments?
  • Pandemic Preparedness: Ensuring the U.S. Is Ready for the Next One
  • How COVID-19 Is Changing Healthcare
  • Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment in Healthcare Settings
  • Myths and Facts: Alzheimer's Disease
  • Patient/Physician Profiles: COVID-19
  • Industry Insight: The Promise of COVID-19 Hyperimmune Immune Globulin Products

Ad Reservation Deadline: Oct 14
Ad Materials Deadline: Nov 19

Spring 2019

Theme: Safety

  • Long-Term Physical Effects of COVID-19
  • Importing Drugs: Is it Safe and Responsible?
  • Tackling Sepsis in Hospitals
  • Cleanliness Guidelines in Healthcare Settings
  • Update: Anti-Viral/Anti-Bacterial Disinfectants
  • Myths and Facts: Antibiotics
  • Patient/Physician Profile: Sepsis
  • Industry Insight: The Anatomy of an Emerging Global IG Shortage

Ad Reservation Deadline: Feb 17
Ad Materials Deadline: Mar 15

Summer 2019

Theme: Vaccines

  • COVID-19 Vaccines: Where Are We Now?
  • Reevaluating the Childhood Vaccine Schedule
  • New Vaccines in Development
  • The Expansion of Primary Care
  • Update: Novel Viruses
  • Myths and Facts: Childhood Vaccines
  • Patient/Physician Profile: Influenza
  • Industry Insight: How Providers Are Stretching Limited IG Supply

Ad Reservation Deadline: Apr 14
Ad Materials Deadline: May 17

Fall 2019

Theme: Innovation

  • Telehealth Delivery Options and Reimbursement
  • Increasing Research Potential with Virtual Clinical Trials
  • Predictive Medicine: How DNA Testing Is Influencing Healthcare
  • Meeting Generational Care Demands
  • Update: Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome
  • Myths and Facts: Aging
  • Patient/Physician Profile: Live Donor Organ Transplant
  • Industry Insight: Hemophilia Gene Therapy: Cures Are Finally at Hand

Ad Reservation Deadline: Aug 18
Ad Materials Deadline: Sep 13

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