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March 7-13 2011 is National Patient Safety Awareness Week!

FFF Enterprises is proud to be a participant in National Patient Safety Awareness Week, which takes place this year from March 7 to March 13. The company will distribute a patient safety check list to its vast data base of immune globulin patients and their healthcare providers.

As the nation's largest and most trusted distributor of plasma products, vaccines and critical care biopharmaceuticals, FFF Enterprises has a "patient first" philosophy that guides every decision it makes. FFF helps healthcare care by securing the supply chain so our customers can rest assured that the critical care products and vaccines they purchase are authenticated and tracked from origin to destination.

Other ways we help you put patient needs first:

  • Our 8 Critical Steps to Guaranteed Channel Integrity™ ensure that patient safety, product efficacy and fair pricing are never compromised within the supply chain.
  • MyFluVaccine™ program puts you in control of your vaccination supply and delivery. We also offer a wealth of support materials like our Flu Facts posters to help dispel common myths about flu vaccines and educate patients about the importance of getting vaccinated.
  • Interactive Allocation: Our dedicated service professionals work closely with customers to assure responsible, demand-based distribution of critical-care products. Demand-based distribution maximizes the number of patients who can be served each month – another way FFF puts patients and healthcare providers first.
  • Our publication IG Living! is the only magazine that delivers comprehensive healthcare and immune globulin information to this special community and their healthcare providers.
  • Our IG Living Facebook Page: With over 700 fans and counting, we have created a thriving interactive online community for our readers and their families.

National Patient Safety Awareness Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness around safety issues within the healthcare community. At FFF Enterprises, we make every week of every month of every year patient safety week by utilizing targeted best practices that result in a safe and secure supply chain.

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