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Author Guidelines

Publicity & Editorial Opportunities in BioSupply Trends Quarterly Magazine

BioSupply Trends Quarterly editorial staff is interested in sharing manufacturer information with our readers — especially information that will help biopharmaceuticals professionals stay current with product and treatment news.

The easiest way to have your organization’s news and product/service information considered for publication in BioSupply Trends Quarterly is to mail or email it to the editorial office. If you want to direct your information to appear in a particular section of the magazine, or want ideas about the kinds of things we publish, please refer to the below list of departments. Editors will review your submission to determine if it is appropriate for publication, and if so, will consider how to best use it for a future issue.

BioSupply Trends Quarterly retains the right to edit accepted article submissions. The contents of each submission and their accuracy are the responsibility of the author(s) and must be original work that has not been, nor will be, published elsewhere, without the written permission of BioSupply Trends Quarterly.

Send us news about events, statistics, studies, reports and other news from companies, organizations and researchers related to the industry. Photos may be used.* Space is limited relative to the number of releases received.

If you have a comment about BioSupply Trends Quarterly magazine or an idea that was raised in BioSupply Trends Quarterly, send us a brief (100- to 300-word) letter. We invite organizations to use this opportunity to mention helpful programs or products that relate to articles in the magazine, or to express opinions or information in support of, or in opposition to, published materials. We reserve the right to select the letters that we publish.

Feature Articles
We will publish, on acceptance, 1,000- to 3,000-word articles on issues related to the biopharmaceuticals marketplace. Topics range from product breakthroughs, industry insights and innovations, up-to-the-minute news on the latest clinical trials, accessibility, and service and safety concerns. Submit a query letter that covers the idea in a brief paragraph, describing the theme of the article and how it will be presented. Topic outlines are also helpful. Planning is up to a year in advance. See the editorial calendar for the primary monthly topics. Although additional topics other than those also may be submitted, BioSupply Trends Quarterly editors do not guarantee publication of any submitted ideas.

*Note: Photos must be high-resolution (300 dpi minimum), measure at least 3 by 3 inches and be saved in jpeg or tiff format.

Article Submission

Mail information to:
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Email information to:
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(951) 296-2500, ext. 1362