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  • Washington Report – Healthcare legislation and policy updates
  • Healthcare Management – Current trends in healthcare workplace management issues
  • Reimbursement FAQs – Common health reimbursement rules and updates
  • Patient and Physician Profiles – Real-life experiences
  • Industry Insight – The future of biopharmaceutical products and practices
  • BioResources – Cutting-edge research, updates and informative websites
  • BioDashboard – Product availability and reimbursement rates
three issues of BioSupply Trends Quarterly magazine
Winter  2024

Theme: Critical Care

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: The Future of Healing?

  • The Proven Success of IG Therapy to Treat CIPD

  • The Future of Orphan Drugs

  • Why Bedside Manner Matters — and How to Make Yours Better

Update: Molluscum Contagiosum

Myths and Facts: Plasma Donation

Healthcare Management: Overcoming Challenges of Delivering Quality Healthcare

Patient/Physician Profile: Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

Industry Insight: Coming Soon: Pre-Hospital Dried Plasma for Severe Acute Hemorrhage

Ad Reservation Deadline: Oct 19  |  Ad Materials Deadline: Nov 17

Spring  2024

Theme: Safety

  • Improving Patient Safety in the Primary Care Setting

  • Mitigating AI Risks for Consumer Health Misinformation

  • Solving Clinical Trial Delays by Accelerating Patient Recruitment

  • Caring for Mental Health in a World of Uncertainty

Update: Treating Malaria

Myths and Facts: Sleep Disorders

Healthcare Management: Do Hybrid Medical Teams Work?

Patient/Physician Profile: Anxiety

Industry Insight: Fibrinogen Concentrates and Cryoprecipitated Fibrinogen Complex Vie for Treatment of Massive Hemorrhage

Ad Reservation Deadline: Feb 14  |  Ad Materials Deadline: Mar 13

Summer  2024

Theme: Vaccines

  • Vaccine Resistance: Where Are We Now?

  • COVID Vaccines: What’s Available Now and What’s in the Works?

  • Viruses, Variants and Vaccines: Staying Ahead of the Spread?

  • Overview of FDA’s Rare Diseases Working Group

Update: Treating Neutropenia

Myths and Facts: High Blood Pressure

Healthcare Management: Promoting Health Equity in Healthcare

Patient/Physician Profile: HIV

Industry Insight: RSV Vaccines to Prevent Lower Respiratory Tract Disease in Older Adults: A Deeper Dive

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Fall  2024

Theme: Innovation

  • How Gene Therapy Can Cure Disease

  • ChatGPT in Healthcare

  • Next Generation Primary Care: How “Going to the Doctor” Is Changing

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Update: Treating Menopause

Myths and Facts: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Healthcare Management: Going Green in Healthcare

Patient/Physician Profile: Menopause

Industry Insight: Gene Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease: On the Cusp of a Life-Transforming Intervention

Ad Reservation Deadline: Aug 16  |  Ad Materials Deadline: Sep 13