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Fall 2023 - Innovation

Combination of IVIG and Corticosteroids Superior to Respective Monotherapies for Treatment of Relapsed ITP in Adults

Chinese investigators conducted a retrospective analysis of clinical data on adult patients with relapsed immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) who received first-line combination therapy with intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) and corticosteroids or their respective monotherapies. Clinical characteristics, efficacy and safety of these three treatment alternatives were captured on 205 patients at multiple centers across the country from 2010 through 2022.

The proportion of patients with platelet count elevations consistent with a complete response was significantly higher in the combination therapy group (71.83%) compared with the IVIG group (43.38%) and the corticosteroids group (23.08%). The mean maximum platelet count in the combination therapy group was also significantly higher (178 x 109/L) than in the IVIG group (109 x 109/L) and the corticosteroids group (76 x 109/L).

Additionally, the average time for platelet counts to first reach 30 x 109/L, 50 x 109/L and 100 x 109/L in the combination group was significantly shorter than in the two monotherapy groups. No significant difference was observed in adverse event rates between the three treatment groups. The study authors concluded that “the combination of IVIG and corticosteroids is a more efficient and rapid treatment for relapsed ITP in adults compared with the use of either therapy alone.”


Fang, L, Sun, J, Zhao, Y, et al. Efficacy and Safety Analysis of Combination Therapy Consisting of Intravenous Immunoglobulin and Corticosteroids Versus Respective Monotherapies in the Treatment of Relapsed ITP in Adults. Global Medical Genetics, 2023 Jun; 10(2):87-96.

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