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Summer 2024 - Vaccines

CSL Behring Adds 4 and 5 Gram Vials of ZEMAIRA

CSL Behring’s ZEMAIRA (alpha1- proteinase inhibitor [human]) is now available in 4 gram and 5 gram vials.

CSL Behring’s ZEMAIRA (alpha1- proteinase inhibitor [human]) is now available in 4 gram and 5 gram vials. Previously available only in a 1 gram vial, the new packaging is significant for the alpha-1 community as it will streamline the preparation process for ZEMAIRA and reduce waste. 

ZEMAIRA dosing is weight-based: For example, a person weighing 183 pounds would require five 1 gram vials. With the 4 and 5 gram vial sizes, healthcare professionals will need to reconstitute fewer ZEMAIRA vials per dose for their patients with alpha- 1. Room temperature storage coupled with the larger vial sizes may also help streamline preparation and administration. 

“We have been providing ZEMAIRA to the alpha-1 community for 20 years and are committed to listening and addressing unmet needs through our therapies and patient programs,” said Shannen Silvestrini, director of ZEMAIRA marketing at CSL Behring. “With the larger vial sizes, we will continue to provide a safe and effective treatment option while potentially making it easier for healthcare professionals to prepare ZEMAIRA for their patients.” 


CSL Behring Demonstrates Continued Commitment to Alpha-1 Community with Addition of ZEMAIRA® [Alpha1-Proteinase Inhibitor (Human)] 4- and 5-Gram Vials. CSL Behring press release, Jan. 2, 2024. Accessed at www.–and-5-gram-vials-302024123.html. 

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