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Summer 2024 - Vaccines

Hizentra Vials to Be Discontinued and Replaced with Prefilled Syringes

CSL Behring is discontinuing all sizes of Hizentra vials in the U.S. by the end of September 2024.

CSL Behring is discontinuing all sizes of Hizentra vials in the U.S. by the end of September 2024. The company is advising that all appropriate vial patients should be transitioned to Hizentra prefilled syringes (PFS), and new Hizentra patients should be started on PFS. Customers, providers and patients will receive a final Hizentra vial discontinuation notification once all Hizentra vial inventory has been exhausted. 

The following Hizentra Product SKUs are being discontinued: 

• Hizentra 1g/5mL vial 44206-0451-01 

• Hizentra 2g/10mL vial 44206-0452-02 

• Hizentra 4g/20mL vial 44206-0454-04 

• Hizentra 10g/50mL vial 44206-0455-10 

After discontinuation of these product SKUs, the following available product SKUs will be available: 

• Hizentra 1g/5mL PFS 44206-0456-21 

• Hizentra 2g/10mL PFS 44206-0457-22 

• Hizentra 4g/20mL PFS 44206-0458-24 

• Hizentra 10g/50mL PFS 44206-0455-25 

“CSL Behring believes it is in the best interest of Hizentra patients to simplify their infusion process, offering them a simple, convenient and ready-to-use option in Hizentra prefilled syringes that eliminates the need for a vial transfer,” said Richard Dudek, vice president of healthcare systems. “CSL Behring is committed to putting patients’ needs first, and to delivering innovative, lifesaving medicines to patients.” 

For additional questions, individuals should contact their CSL Behring associate director of corporate accounts. For any medical/clinical questions, contact CSL Behring’s medical information team at (800) 504-5434. 


CSL Behring letter to customers titled “Notitice: Hizentra Vials to be Discontinued – All Hizentra Patients to Transition to Prefilled Syringes Hizentra® [immune globulin subcutaneous (human) 20% liquid] Vial SKUs, April 2024. 

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