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Winter 2023 - Critical Care

Researchers Develop a New mRNA Vaccine to Treat Cancer

U.S. researchers have developed a new mRNA vaccine against cancer that delivers the drug directly to the lymphatic system and stimulates a strong immune response. Animal tests have shown the new vaccine effectively blocks the development of the tumor, in most cases until it completely disappears. This new vaccine works the same way as the mRNA-based coronavirus vaccines in which the body’s cells “read” the genetic information received in the vaccine and begin producing viral antigens that activate the immune system. For cancer, the mRNA vaccine is therapeutic rather than preventive. It is administered to people to treat existing tumors and/or prevent against relapse.

In the study, the researchers studied ways to increase the immune response by changing the point that the antigens entered the body. mRNA molecules were delivered directly to the lymphatic systems, and not to the liver as was done previously. Testing on mice showed the new mRNA vaccine causes a more powerful immune reaction and, in combination with other therapy, effectively suppresses the tumor. In 40 percent of cases, a complete remission was seen.

Currently, mRNA technology is being used to develop preventive tools for HIV, influenza, malaria and other infections.


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