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Winter 2022 - Critical Care

Transition from Clinic- to Home-Based IVIG/SCIG Is Successful to Decrease Exposure to COVID-19

A recent study shows transition of clinic-based to home-based intravenous immune globulin (IVIG)/subcutaneous IG (SCIG) infusion can be successfully done to decrease potential exposure during a pandemic in a high-risk immunosuppressed population, with no impact on patient satisfaction, adherence or efficacy. In addition, home-based infusions were associated with a reduction in costs to patients and an increase in available chair time in the infusion clinic.

In the study, criteria were developed to identify high-risk immunosuppressed patients who would be appropriate candidates for potential conversion to home-based IVIG infusions. Data were collected via chart review, and cost analysis was performed using Medicare Part B reimbursement data. A patient outcome questionnaire was developed for administration through follow-up phone calls.

From March 2020 to May 2020, 45 patients met criteria for home-based infusion, with 27 patients (60 percent) agreeing to it. Posttransition patient outcomes assessment, conducted in 26 patients (96 percent), demonstrated good patient understanding of the home-based infusion process. No infusion-related complications were reported, and 24 patients (92 percent) had no concerns about receiving future IVIG and/or SCIG doses at home. No patient tested positive for COVID-19 during the study period. Clinic infusion visits decreased by 26.6 visits per month, resulting in a total of 106 hours of additional available infusion chair time per month and associated cost savings of $12,877.


Perreault S, Schiffer M, Clinchy-Jarmoszko V, et al. Mitigating the risk of COVID-19 exposure by transitioning from clinic-based to home-based immune globulin infusion. Am J Health Syst Pharm 2021 Jun 7;78(12):1112- 1117.

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