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The Protective Value of RSV Vaccines in Older Adults: A Deeper Dive

Now that safe and effective RSV vaccines are finally available, more evidence of their direct health benefits in older Americans will be forthcoming. It is likely as well that FDA will eventually expand the marketing approvals of these vaccines to include adults under age 60 with chronic conditions demonstrated to importantly increase the risk of RSV-associated LRTD and hospitalization.

HIV: A Physician’s Perspective

Mark Bloch, MD, has been working in the field of HIV medicine since 1983, and he is now the director of clinical research at Holdsworth House in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Bloch is actively involved in research surrounding HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

HIV: A Patient’s Perspective

As a woman and activist living with HIV/AIDS, Maria Mejia’s mission is to give hope to the hopeless and send the message that she is far more than just a condition.

The Anti-Vaccine Movement: Where Are We Now?

Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, doubts about vaccine safety and efficacy have not only persisted, but escalated. Counteracting this wave of mistrust will require targeted tactics and networked, community involvement.

Anxiety: A Physician’s Perspective

Headshot of psychologist

Andrea Kulberg, PhD, CEDS, licensed psychologist and certified eating disorder specialist, shares insight into diagnosing and treating anxiety.

CIDP: A Physician’s Perspective

Karissa L. Gable, MD, is a neurologist in Durham, N.C.

Karissa L. Gable, MD, is a neurologist in Durham, N.C., and is affiliated with Duke University Hospital In 2019, she was awarded a research grant to investigate the pathophysiologic mechanisms of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy by the GBS/CIDP Foundation.